Pocket Frogs!

Pocket Frogs!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Glass Frog Combinations

Here are some possible combinations to get you glass frogs. Please note: I'm relying on my friend. I'm sorry if they don't work... I haven't tried 'em out myself yet.

Aqua Albeo Anura ** Golden Viola Anura
Blue Folium Anura ** Maroon Ceres Anura

Please post your own combo's to keep it growing!


Thursday, 21 April 2011

My Habitats

THESE ARE ALL MINE. I will do my best to label what items they are in there. Please try not to steal my ideas. :) I don't mind if you use the same item, that's not up to me, but don't try and steal my ideas and claim them as your own, these are here as examples. Thanks!

       How's this one? Here is what I used for the habitat:
* Old Trunk Habitat
* Fiji Sixpence (x2)
* Cuban Coin (x2)
* Yellow Gem
* Mayan Relic
* Old Pocket Watch
~~ I may update this later; I am saving for something else to add to it ~~

It's bright, colourful and floral! ♥ So, what about this 'un?
* Clover Habitat
* Yellow Daisy (x2)
* Magenta Flower
* Three Petal Flower
* Thistle Flower
* Giant Lily
* Red Flower

This is my beautiful grass-world! Now, what do you think about this habitat?
* Grass Habitat
* Digitate Leaf (x2)
* Monstera
* Fan Leaf
* Fall Leaf
* Serated Leaf
* Striped Long Leaf

 This one is so dull, just brightened up a bit by the stones ^_^ Shame there are only four of them... I might add a Yellow Gem, just not sure yet... :S
* River Stone Habitat
* Amber Stone
* Green Polished Stone
* Purple Polished Stone
* Pink Polished Stone

It's peaceful... calming... and not finished yet. Any suggestions, guys?
* Zen Sand Habitat (I ♥ Zen)
* Shell Fossil (x2)
* River Stone (I think ^_^)
* Arrowhead
* Mushroom/Toadstool Thing (LOL)

Anyway... I will add more, I'm still working on another design. Email your own to bro_oke@zoho.com. DON'T WORRY, I WON'T TAKE CREDIT! I will post them here and give you credit, just make sure to tell me your name so I can give you credit, or I will have to say "Anonymous User" :S Anywayy, thanks guys. I've still got two in the process of design.

List of Habitats and Sceneries

This article will be constantly updated. If you can think of another shop item, please comment to let us know and it will be added to the list.

Fan Leaf - 101 coins - +4 happiness - Delivery Time: 30 minutes
Dirt Habitat - 101 coins - Delivery Time: 30 minutes
Rusty Metal Habitat - 101 coins - Delivery Time: 30 minutes
Thistle Flower - 116 coins - +8 happiness - Delivery Time: 36 minutes
Three Petal Flower - 116 coins - +8 happiness - Delivery Time: 36 minutes
Fall Leaf Habitat -  116 coins - Delivery Time: 36 minutes
Granite Path Habitat - 116 coins - Delivery Time: 36 minutes
Serrated Leaf - 181 coins - +12 happiness - Delivery Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes
Digitate Leaf - 181 coins - +12 happiness - Delivery Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes
Frosted Glass Habitat - 181 coins - Delivery Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes
River Stone Habitat - 181 coins - Delivery Time: 1 hour, 3 minutes
Island Flower - 356 coins - +16 happiness - Delivery Time: 2 hours, 14 minutes.
Magenta Flower - 356 coins - +16 happiness - Delivery Time: 2 hours, 14 minutes.
Blue Paint Habitat - 356 coins - Delivery Time: 2 hours, 14 minutes.
Threaded Habitat - 356 coins - Delivery Time: 2 hours, 14 minutes.
Mint Leaf - 725 coins - +20 happiness - Delivery Time: 4 hours, 46 minutes.
Red Lobbed Leaf - 725 coins - +20 happiness - Delivery Time: 4 hours, 46 minutes.
Blue Paper Habitat - 725 coins - +20 happiness - Delivery Time: 4 hours, 46 minutes.
Plank Habitat - 725 coins - Delivery Time: 4 hours, 46 minutes.
Pinnate Plant - 1,396 coins - +24 happiness - Delivery Time: 9 hours, 20 minutes.
Amber Stone - 1,396 coins - +24 happiness - Delivery Time: 9 hours, 20 minutes.
Tiled Floor Habitat - 1,396 coins - +24 happiness - Delivery Time: 9 hours, 20 minutes.
Quilted Habitat - 1,396 coins - +24 happiness - Delivery Time: 9 hours, 20 minutes.
Green Polished Stone - 2,501 coins - +28 coins - Delivery Time: 16 hours, 53 minutes.
Yellow Daisy - 3,501 coins - +28 happiness - Delivery Time: 16 hours, 53 minutes.
Black Tree Habitat - 2,501 coins - +28 happiness - Delivery Time: 16 hours, 53 minutes.
Rock Habitat - 2,501 coins - Delivery Time: 16 hours, 53 minutes.
Striped Long Leaf - 4,196 coins - +32 happiness - Delivery Time: 1 day, 4 hours.
Prince Palm - 4,196 coins - + 32 happiness - Delivery Time: 1 day, 4 hours
Painted Dock Habitat - 4,196 coins - Delivery Time: 1 day, 4 hours
Water Drop Habitat - 4,196 coins - Delivery Time: 1 day, 4 hours.



I have put together the complete list of Anura colour combinations, and also extra info about Anuras. PLEASE NOTE: These are not alphabetized, they are ordered via colour, as they are in the Froggydex.

Maroon Tingo Anura
Maroon Carota Anura
Maroon Aurum Anura
Maroon Folium Anura
Maroon Muscus Anura
Maroon Callaina Anura
Maroon Caelus Anura
Maroon Pruni Anura
Maroon Viola Anura
Maroon Ceres Anura
Maroon  Floris Anura
Maroon Albeo Anura
Maroon Bruna Anura
Maroon Cafea Anura
Maroon Picea Anura
Maroon Chroma Anura

Red Tingo Anura
Red Carota Anura
Red Aurum Anura
Red Folium Anura
Red Muscus Anura
Red Callaina Anura
Red Caelus Anura
Red Pruni Anura
Red Viola Anura
Red Ceres Anura
Red  Floris Anura
Red Albeo Anura
Red Bruna Anura
Red Cafea Anura
Red Picea Anura
Red Chroma Anura

Tangelo Tingo Anura
Tangelo Carota Anura
Tangelo Aurum Anura
Tangelo Folium Anura
Tangelo Muscus Anura
Tangelo Callaina Anura
Tangelo Caelus Anura
Tangelo Pruni Anura
Tangelo Viola Anura
Tangelo Ceres Anura
Tangelo  Floris Anura
Tangelo Albeo Anura
Tangelo Bruna Anura
Tangelo Cafea Anura
Tangelo Picea Anura
Tangelo Chroma Anura

Orange Tingo Anura
Orange Carota Anura
Orange Aurum Anura
Orange Folium Anura
Orange Muscus Anura
Orange Callaina Anura
Orange Caelus Anura
Orange Pruni Anura
Orange Viola Anura
Orange Ceres Anura
Orange  Floris Anura
Orange Albeo Anura
Orange Bruna Anura
Orange Cafea Anura
Orange Picea Anura
Orange Chroma Anura

Golden Tingo Anura
Golden Carota Anura
Golden Aurum Anura
Golden Folium Anura
Golden Muscus Anura
Golden Callaina Anura
Golden Caelus Anura
Golden Pruni Anura
Golden Viola Anura
Golden Ceres Anura
Golden Floris Anura
Golden Albeo Anura
Golden Bruna Anura
Golden Cafea Anura
Golden Picea Anura
Golden Chroma Anura

Yellow Tingo Anura
Yellow Carota Anura
Yellow Aurum Anura
Yellow Folium Anura
Yellow Muscus Anura
Yellow Callaina Anura
Yellow Caelus Anura
Yellow Pruni Anura
Yellow Viola Anura
Yellow Ceres Anura
Yellow Floris Anura
Yellow Albeo Anura
Yellow Bruna Anura
Yellow Cafea Anura
Yellow Picea Anura
Yellow Chroma Anura

  Lime Tingo Anura
Lime Carota Anura
Lime Aurum Anura
Lime Folium Anura
Lime Muscus Anura
Lime Callaina Anura
Lime Caelus Anura
Lime Pruni Anura
Lime Viola Anura
Lime Ceres Anura
Lime Floris Anura
Lime Albeo Anura
Lime Bruna Anura
Lime Cafea Anura
Lime Picea Anura
Lime Chroma Anura

  Green Tingo Anura
Green Carota Anura
 Green Aurum Anura
Green Folium Anura
Green Muscus Anura
Green Callaina Anura
Green Caelus Anura
 Green Pruni Anura
Green Viola Anura
Green Ceres Anura
Green Floris Anura
Green Albeo Anura
Green Bruna Anura
Green Cafea Anura
Green Picea Anura
Green Chroma Anura

  Emerald Tingo Anura
Emerald Carota Anura
Emerald Aurum Anura
Emerald Folium Anura
Emerald Muscus Anura
Emerald Callaina Anura
Emerald Caelus Anura
Emerald Pruni Anura
Emerald Viola Anura
Emerald Ceres Anura
Emerald Floris Anura
 Emerald Albeo Anura
 Emerald Bruna Anura
Emerald Cafea Anura
Emerald Picea Anura
Emerald Chroma Anura

  Olive Tingo Anura
Olive Carota Anura
Olive Aurum Anura
Olive Folium Anura
Olive Muscus Anura
Olive Callaina Anura
Olive Caelus Anura
Olive Pruni Anura
Olive Viola Anura
Olive Ceres Anura
Olive Floris Anura
Olive Albeo Anura
Olive Bruna Anura
Olive Cafea Anura
Olive Picea Anura
Olive Chroma Anura

  Marine Tingo Anura
Marine Carota Anura
Marine Aurum Anura
Marine Folium Anura
Marine Muscus Anura
Marine Callaina Anura
Marine Caelus Anura
Marine Pruni Anura
Marine Viola Anura
Marine Ceres Anura
Marine Floris Anura
Marine Albeo Anura
Marine Bruna Anura
Marine Cafea Anura
Marine Picea Anura
Marine Chroma Anura

Aqua Tingo Anura
Aqua Carota Anura
Aqua Aurum Anura
Aqua Folium Anura
Aqua Muscus Anura
Aqua Callaina Anura
Aqua Caelus Anura
Aqua Pruni Anura
Aqua Viola Anura
Aqua Ceres Anura
Aqua Floris Anura
Aqua Albeo Anura
Aqua Bruna Anura
Aqua Cafea Anura
Aqua Picea Anura
Aqua Chroma Anura

Azure Tingo Anura
Azure Carota Anura
Azure Aurum Anura
Azure Folium Anura
Azure Muscus Anura
Azure Callaina Anura
Azure Caelus Anura
Azure Pruni Anura
Azure Viola Anura
Azure Ceres Anura
Azure Floris Anura
Azure Albeo Anura
Azure Bruna Anura
Azure Cafea Anura
Azure Picea Anura
Azure Chroma Anura

Blue Tingo Anura
Blue Carota Anura
Blue Aurum Anura
Blue Folium Anura
Blue Muscus Anura
Blue Callaina Anura
Blue Caelus Anura
Blue Pruni Anura
Blue Viola Anura
Blue Ceres Anura
Blue Floris Anura
Blue Albeo Anura
Blue Bruna Anura
Blue Cafea Anura
Blue Picea Anura
Blue Chroma Anura

Purple Tingo Anura
Purple Carota Anura
Purple Aurum Anura
Purple Folium Anura
Purple Muscus Anura
Purple Callaina Anura
Purple Caelus Anura
Purple Pruni Anura
Purple Viola Anura
Purple Ceres Anura
Purple Floris Anura
Purple Albeo Anura
Purple Bruna Anura
Purple Cafea Anura
Purple Picea Anura
Purple Chroma Anura

Royal Tingo Anura
Royal Carota Anura
Royal Aurum Anura
Royal Folium Anura
Royal Muscus Anura
Royal Callaina Anura
Royal Caelus Anura
Royal Pruni Anura
Royal Viola Anura
Royal Ceres Anura
Royal Floris Anura
Royal Albeo Anura
Royal Bruna Anura
Royal Cafea Anura
Royal Picea Anura
Royal Chroma Anura

Pink Tingo Anura
Pink Carota Anura
Pink Aurum Anura
Pink Folium Anura
Pink Muscus Anura
Pink Callaina Anura
Pink Caelus Anura
Pink Pruni Anura
Pink Viola Anura
Pink Ceres Anura
Pink Floris Anura
Pink Albeo Anura
Pink Bruna Anura
Pink Cafea Anura
Pink Picea Anura
Pink Chroma Anura

[more colour combos coming later!]

Delivery Time: 30 minutes
Maturity Time: 30 minutes
Name Meaning: The word "Anura" is derived from the word anuran; which is a reference to all toads and frogs that do not have a tail.
Value: 41-61 coins
Rarity: 1 (common)
Flies to tame: 3

Pocket Frogs

My name is Brooke, and I am creating the new App Mania blogs where you can find about apps before you install them or talk about the apps you already have.
Pocket Frogs is a game designed by NimbleBit. This is a personal favourite of mine.
On Pocket Frogs you can breed frogs to try and get rare ones. You start off with two frogs, from memory, the Green Folium Anura and Cocos Bruna Anura (I THINK!). Continuing from that, you can then tame your frogs in the pond. You can find presents in the pond, such as Potions (which up your frogs happiness or growth), Stamps (to deliver items in the Mailbox quicker; the Mailbox is explained later on), other Frogs (which will be delivered to your Mailbox), items such as sceneries or Habitat Backgrounds, and possibly coins.
See the further posts for more information on Pocket Frogs.
Moving on, I think NimbleBit definitely made the right choice making this. It's FREE, which just makes it even better. I couldn't believe it's free. There is such a massive variety of frogs and colours and sceneries and habitats, it must have taken quite a while to make! Still, I suppose they get extra cash out of selling the extra potions and stamps.
That's all for now :) - Brooke